Leather Men Vol.1


Product description

The submission session begins in a SM playroom with Patrick Bauer, captured in a cage at a brick wall Captain Qel, an agressive, dominant top, steps up and immediately takes charge. In his heightened sexual state Patrick becomes easy prey for the wanton leather desires of Captain Qel. This hard stud pulls Patrick in and make him submit to every inch of his lust in a sizzling scene of domination and leather. There is a pure sexual tension that makes both men scuffling for domination. But the two men look pretty well matched as they manhandle the other with fierce, bold moves.

Patrick goes down on Captain’s big cock and quickly sucks it down his gullet. He eats Captain’s fat cock before his master orders him to ride the fuck machine. Slave Patrick is getting fucked up the ass with a mechanical dildo drilling him non-stop while Catpain shoves his cock in Patrick’s face and forcefeeds him his engorged cock. Patrick is soon wallowing in pig heaven as he syphons Captain’s big cock and gets plugged up the back end. A short spell later, they ditch the robotic fuckmachine so Captain can deliver the man-on-man interaction that Patrick’s inflamed asshole’s been missing.

Actors: Captain Qel, Patrick Bauer | Length: 24:10 min | Size: 1.1 GB FullHD | Production Year: 2020 | Studio: Frankurt Sex Stories