Leather Men Vol.2 – Part 1

Big Dick

LEATHER MEN VOL.2 – PART 1 | SCENE DESCRIPTION: Tian Tao is lying naked in his bed stroking his monster cock. Being horny as hell and while stroking, blond stud Guido Stahl shows up ready to give Tian what he needs. After some passionate petting, Guido heads south to wrap his lips around Tian’s thick cock. Without hesitating, Guido opens wide and engulfs Tian’s swollen member down his throat – all the way down to the base. Guido hungrily sucks Tian’s huge cock, swallowing the engorged tool in its entirety. Tian is feeding Guido his hard cock, forcing it down his throat. Inhibitions gone, their horniness has reached its climax. The horny men tease each other, kissing, slapping, gagging, creating a tension too hot to ignore. Guido works his tongue in and around Tian’s hard cock, getting it prepped for what’s to come. Guido starts begging for Tian’s pole inside his ass, “I […]