Leather Sessions Vol.3


LEATHER SESSIONS VOL3 | SCENE DESCRIPTION: Darek Kraft is an incredible pup trainer and when he gets Sultan Rhodos on his leash, Sultan will do anything to make his master happy. Darek wants Sultan to do everything he says and the pup is more than willing to comply. Muscle hunk Sultan kneels eagerly in a steel cage sporting a leather collar and jockstrap. Derek commands Sultan to lick his boots and humiliates him by ordering him to drink out of a dog bowl. Sultan begs for a taste of his master’s cock until Darek shoves his hard dick through the bars and fucks Sultan’s mouth. Thereafter Sultan takes a proper mouth fucking from his boss as streams of saliva trickle down Derek’s nutsack. Knowing that pleasing his master is his only chance for survival, Sultan opens his gullet and delivers a gasping, deep-throated blowjob to Derek’s huge boner. Derek leads Sultan out of […]