Men’s Club

MEN’S CLUB | SCENE DESCRIPTION: Tobias Malek is cruising the halls of the sex club when he happens to walk by Dominique Kenique. There’s no question that Tobias is ready for some fun. Dominique lures Tobias into the booth next to his and whips out his 8′ throbbing cock. Tobias drops to his knees and starts to suck Dominique‘s meaty cock as it emerges from the glory hole. Tobias proves to be an expert cocksucker, swallowing the hard tool to the base and gagging as it grows to rock-hard perfection in his throat. Tobias and Dominique know they have to take it to the next level so they sneak into the same booth to fuck. Handsome blond hunk Tobias shares some intense kissing with smooth, lean tatted stud Dominique.Grabbing the back of Tobias’s head, Dominique face-fucks him with and thrusting rhythm, as spit drips down onto his thick cock for […]