Leather Sessions Vol.2

LEATHER SESSIONS VOL.2 | SCENE DESCRIPTION: Dominique Kenique is hanging out in the sling waiting for someone to come along and make some action happen. He bends over and offers up his hairy, sweaty “FUCKHOLE” to any horny stranger who comes along and wants to use it. It doesn’t take long and James Huck is standing at the entrance door playing with his hard dick while watching horny pig Dominique. It’s not long before James gives into his temptations and approaches Dominique. He starts fingering his tight fuckhole first and then he grabs a dildo and works with it Dominique’s cock hungry butt hole. James jacks his dick with excitement, and with Dominique’s ass good and ready, James mounts him from behind for a ball-slapping pounding. Sweat covers their muscled bodies and they slam together again and again. Alex Axel joins the fun and makes himself the main attraction as […]