A Night at the Sex Club – Part 2


Product description

Sex-hungry bottom Chad Bryla is thrown in a sling by both horny studs Aron and Jeremy Crhis. Aron hoists Chad’s legs in the straps with the help from Jeremy, giving him easy access to Chad’s awaiting hole. The two studs take turns gagging and choking on each other’s meat before they start pounding Chad’s hairy fuck hole. Wasting no time, Aron loosens up Chad’s hole with his talented finger. It doesn’t take long for Jeremy to work his fat meat into Chad’s slick, lubed asshole. The sling sways and rattles with each vigorous pump. Moans and screams echo from Chad as Jeremy’s thrusts get faster and harder.

Jeremy thrusts back and forth, turning up the heat. The three-way connection shared by these horny men amplifies the intensity of their deep, vigorous fucking. Chad is eager to have Aron’s rock hard cock in his ass too. Aron grabs Chad by his shoulders and sinks his cock deep into his butt, pounding mercilessly in and out. Jeremy wants his bareback turn now inside Chad’s dugout and takes up the rear with his fat bat. The guys take turns railing both of Chad’s stretched hole.

Actors: Aron, Jeremy Chris, Chad Bryla | Length: 22:27 min | Size: 1.3 GB FullHD | Production Year: 2021 | Studio: Frankurt Sex Stories